Saturday, September 10, 2005

Female Satin Bower Bird

The male Satin Bowerbird is shiny, irridescent black but the female as you can see is olive and brown with a sculptured pattern underneath. This was the last species to turn up to our barbecue in an otherwise deserted picnic spot at Newnes, the site of former industries - shale and coal mining and processing. The first to arrive was a magpie, followed by a currawong (both black and white birds) then a raven and a male bowerbird (both entirely black). So the female above added a little colour to the occasion. They were all hoping for sausage or bread at the least but we observed the rules and didn't feed them.


Liz said...

wow, i guess i have never seen a female satin bower bird before - i had no idea they were yello!

Sue Crawford said...

not as yellow as the photo makes them look, but certainly yellowy/olive/brown colours and more scallped breast and tummy than can be seen here.