Thursday, October 20, 2005

Sydney Blue Gum - Batemans's Bay Oct '05

These are the leaves, nuts and buds of a Eucalyptus Salinga which is easily confused with a flooded gum (Eucalyptus Grandis). The best test is supposed to be that the slightly protuding valves curve outwards in the Blue Gum and inwards in the Flooded Gum which is a bit hard to see in this sized photo. Anyway the forest we saw on our way back from Eden was lovely, though a little worn by humans on the edges. It ran back from an overgrown picnic area between Bateman's Bay and Uladulla where we had lunch.


Liz said...

This photo came out really well. I am guessing this is on the bench at SP?

Sue Crawford said...

Yes it was on the SP bench. The first few shots didn't work, too many shadows and whilst they looked nice they diluted the detail even more. Bruce used flash for this one. Photos of just one feature get better focus - there is too much in this photo. And with a simple digital, the focus is sometimes luck, it's hard to really calculate it - or is it my eyesight!