Sunday, February 25, 2007

Farewell Felicity

Our cat Felicity (No. 2) died on the surgeon's table at age 19 - not bad for a cat who slept outside in all weathers. She went in for a bad tooth but cancer was the real curse. Her history was interesting. We bought her half grown from the RSPCA and many cat lovers will know that it is rare for kittens that age to be on sale. The cute little babies go first and the older strays and throwaways usually have to be put down. But Felicity was an exhibit in an animal cruelty case and when she was no longer needed for the case, the vets were not about to put her down. She had received two operations to mend a broken leg and was obviously fussed over at the RSPCA centre because she was an affectionate pet. One of the best kind of cats who retained her mighty independence yet related closely to family and selected friends (eg the neighbours who fed her when we were away!) She loved our company and we miss her.

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