Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Bloodwood near Summer Cloud Bay

Small bloodwood in blossom just south of Jervis Bay, 2004. We have an older, less healthy one in our backyard at Sanctuary Point. It has survived surgery for white ants but drought has taken its toll. One particularly glorious year it drew every nectar-eating bird in the district, competing with swarms of bees. From the first hint of dawn flocks of musk lorikeets and rainbow lorrikeets arrived, later fighting with crimson rosellas and the local wattlebirds who tried to insist this was their tree. At night, the bats took over. It has not blossomed as strongly since. There are many bloodwoods in the Nowra area. That same week, violent storms took out a dozen gums in the park behind our place at Parramatta to the amazement of an English cousin who saw them fall.

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