Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Galahs - SW of Western Australia

There were dozens of these galahs feeding just behind the beach (south-west coast of Western Australia) They were extremely pretty, though their usual garralous selves. Hard to take a photo that captured an impression of their numbers but did their personalities justice. May 05.


Liz said...

Was it galahs that used to terrorize the tree outside nana and grandad's or was that sulfa crested cokatoos?

Sue Crawford said...

Sulphur-cresteds probably. But Galahs can be as rowdy, they are just a little smaller. We have corellas in Parramatta too these days - only in the last two years - life is tough out there in drought land, bringing in flocks that normally keep out of cities.
All these birds adore Parra's parks and playing fields

there! more info than you needed!