Sunday, August 14, 2005

Snatch and Grab

This kookaburra obligingly landed on the table (for a handout) when we were showing an English honeymoon pair (Paul and Elizabeth) the beauties of the South Coast. Recently Bruce and I returned to the same spot (Greenpatch) and a kookaburra dive-bombed Bruce and took half his lunch which he then proceeded to thrash to death on a nearby rail. It was winter and the advice DO NOT FEED WILDLIFE was reinforced. Used to easy pickings from overkind or careless humans in warm weather the birds breed successfully but then find the cold months very lean and the competition fierce.


rainbowgoddess said...

Hi Sue, I took photos of these birds at the same spot in February this year. One of those birds stole my friend's lunch, she put it down for one second and the bird swept down and grabbed it, that naughty bird. I took about 3 rolls of film of the birds.

Sue Crawford said...

We used to camp there with the kids when they were quite little and though they loved the birds they got scratch marks. Also we saw a (small) shark a few metres off the beach one time and no-one believed us - they said it was a dolphin - ha ha.

lis said...

oooh scary bird!